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Building a Ionic Firebase App step by step

By Dayana Jabif / updated on March 5, 2019

In this firebase ionic 4 tutorial you will learn how to make a CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) application in Ionic Framework using Cloud Firestore as a database and Cloud Storage as an image storage. Free ionic firebase starter app included!

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Ionic tutorial: Forms and Validations in Ionic 4

By Dayana Jabif / updated on February 27, 2019

Learn everything about Ionic forms and input validations in ionic 4 apps. We will discuss the best practices for designing user-friendly forms and then we will go through the differences between Angular template-driven and reactive forms. For this ionic 4 tutorial we created a mobile app example with lots of forms and validations to help you master data collection using angular reactive forms.

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Ionic 4 Facebook Log In

By Dayana Jabif / updated on February 25, 2019

This Ionic framework tutorial will show you how to add Facebook Authentication in your Ionic 4 App using the NATIVE Facebook app to perform Single Sign On. This will enable an easy and elegant way for your users to login to your ionic app.

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Ionic Framework Development Glossary

By Dayana Jabif / updated on June 2, 2019

Learn every concept related to Ionic Framework development. A getting started tutorial to find all the concepts you must know about when developing apps with Ionic Framework.

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Firebase Authentication Tutorial For Ionic Framework Apps

By Dayana Jabif / posted on July 16, 2018

In this Firebase Authentication Tutorial you will learn how to create an Ionic Framework Application with Firebase Authentication. We will show you how to configure both the Firebase and the Ionic Apps to enable authentication with social providers such as Google, Facebook and Twitter and also with Email and Password.

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Ionic Tutorial: Building a complete mobile app with Ionic 3

By Agustin Haller / updated on June 17, 2018

The goal of this Ionic tutorial is to build the most complete getting started with Ionic Framework guide ever built. We want to help beginners through their first steps on the Ionic world. To help you through your Ionic Framework learning process, we created an Ionic 3 app with a question and answer format (Q&A), where users will be able to ask and answer questions. So in this complete tutorial we will go all the steps and concepts needed for you to create your first ionic app.

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Setting up a Database for an Ionic App with Firebase

By Dayana Jabif / posted on June 12, 2018

Support for Firebase in Ionic and angular has been growing recently, and in this ionic tutorial, we will show you how to upload data from an Ionic 3 app to a database in Firebase Cloud Firestore.

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How to upload an image to Firebase from an Ionic app?

By Dayana Jabif / posted on June 5, 2018

We all know that Firebase does a great job when it comes to realtime databases. But did you know that Firebase is also great for uploading data and files to your app's private Firebase Storage? In this ionic framework tutorial I’ll show you how to upload an image from an Ionic application to Firebase Storage.

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Ionic and Wordpress Integration using Wordpress REST API

By Dayana Jabif / posted on January 1, 2018

Let's build an Ionic app for your Wordpress site using Wordpress REST API! This ionic tutorial will show you how to communicate with the WP API in order to get your Wordpress posts, categories, comments. We also added Wordpress Login using JWT.

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