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Deluxe Angular Bundle

Over 250 ready made Angular & Ionic features and components. An infinite set of possibilities to build beautiful cross-platform apps with a huge discount.


Ionic 6 Full Starter App

Ionic 6 is here with huge improvements. This ionic template is built using Angular and Ionic Framework latest versions and has everything you need to jump start your app development! Get Ion5FullApp and enjoy lots of carefully designed pages with the most required functionalities.

Ion2FullApp - Ionic 3 Starter App Template

Use this Ionic Template to start learning and coding with Ionic Framework. With more than 34 carefully designed views and components, this multipurpose Ionic 3 template offers tons of different Ionic Components to build your next mobile app

That's why we baked much more
than a template

Our solutions go beyond UI kits or templates.
They are here to help you succeed in your project, whether you have a tight schedule or budget.

Great Value

Countless hours of top designers and engineers spent crafting multiple UI screens and features to fit diverse use cases to speed up your project.

IonicThemes - Great Value


Time is money. Start building upon a project coded by leading experts with many advanced and time consuming stuff already baked in to beat the deadline.

IonicThemes - Leverage
We commit to be constantly
pursuing greatness
with our products,
so you can focus on
meeting the deadline


Don’t waste time stripping bloated JavaScript libraries and custom build tools. We use the essential third party tools to provide great features and stick to each framework build tools and best practices.


Don’t settle with defaults. Get our clean, easy-to-use templates with meaningful features and wide-ranging customization that will become enablers for your next project. Will do wonders for your bottom line.

IonicThemes - Money Back Guarantee

Ensure the code meets your quality standards
or get your money back.

Made by Pros

We have teamed up with an extraordinary team of designers and engineers for you to enjoy their talent while ensuring top quality in our products. It will even scratch the purists itch.


On average we have dedicated over 2200 hours of coding, designing, researching, and fixing bugs while crafting every major feature your project may require. Time and experience packed in a ready to go solution.

Last but not least,
we care a great deal
match our top features
with top qualities
IonicThemes - Performance


Ionic ships many features that will help you achieve great performance including lazy loading, code splitting, ahead of time compilation and server side rendering.

IonicThemes - MVC Ready

MVC Ready

Easily feed your UI with data. Keep your code clean and maintainable by following best practices.

IonicThemes - Fully themeable

Fully themeable

By combining Sass and CSS 4 our starter apps provide an extensible theming architecture to easily adapt the template to your brand colors and styles.

IonicThemes - Maintainability


Based on Javascript modules, TypeScript, routing, state management, web components, and more, Ionic has all the building blocks in place for you to rely on and build really complex and scalable projects.

IonicThemes - Support


Support is delivered by the same engineers that crafted the templated in a timely manner.

IonicThemes - Ongoing improvement

Ongoing improvement

You have a voice on the future improvements of our templates. These are products for the community, we let you shape them towards your interests.

Stay ahead of the game

Improve your Ionic skills with our
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Become an Ionic Expert

We are committed to help you learn and keep up to date with the rapid pace of technology and frameworks changes.

We walked the Ionic Learning Path ourselves and became experts.
In our tutorials section you will find guides and posts explaining basic to advanced real world scenarios and use cases with clear explanations and source code available.