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Ionic Framework is the leading technology to create outstanding mobile experiences, both native apps and progressive web apps.

At IonicThemes, we are a group of accredited developer experts and designers that craft templates, starters and content to help fellow developers succeed in their project, whether they have a tight schedule or budget.

We work towards having happy customers both in terms of the quality of our products and our customer support.

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Start making money while you share the best Ionic Templates and content that our team publishes periodically.

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Share your affiliate link with your audience to bring customers to our website. You can use different traffic sources, it can be your personal blog, YouTube channel, Instagram account, email marketing, etc.

We provide our affiliate partners with a variety of banner designs that can be easily placed on any website.

Earn 20% from each Sale

When someone comes from your affiliate link and buys our products, you will get a 20% commission on every purchase of any product that is sold on

Even if the user doesn’t buy anything right away, you will still get 20% in case the user comes back to make a purchase during the following 7 days.

Become an affiliate
Become an affiliate

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Use your affiliate dashboard to track the detailed statistics on how many visitors you referred and how many sales were made.

Receive your earnings every time your balance is more than $50. We send payments via PayPal.

Have questions?

How much will I earn?

Each time the user you referred makes a purchase during that 7-day period, you will get a 20% commission over the total sale.

(*) For coupons pages the commission is 5%.

How to create an affiliates account?

You can create an account here.

When creating your account you will get an affiliate link. Each time anyone visits any page of IonicThemes website using your affiliate link, a 7-day cookie will be placed on the user's browser so that we can link that visits and purchases to you.

How to share my affiliate link?

The way that works best (has more conversion rate) for our affiliates is to link to our templates and tutorials from their personal blogs, YouTube channels, or social networks.

Also, if you want to make a personal review of any of the templates feel free to reach out and we will give you a free license of the template so you can create a review for your audience.

If you have an audience of developers, sharing our resources will be super valuable both for you (you will earn money) and for your audience (they will learn Ionic and save time creating their apps).

Where can I find marketing materials?

In your IonicThemes Affiliate dashboard, you have a Banners section with some images that you can use to refer to our products.

How can I see my earnings?

To see your payment information, just login to your IonicThemes Affiliate dashboard and this info will be displayed on the home screen.

From here, you can check your statistics, including how much money you are making every month.

When will I get paid?

Each time you reach $50 in commissions, we will send you that money to your PayPal account.

Can I track traffic?

To see your traffic and conversion rates, simply login to your IonicThemes Affiliate dashboard.

You can see everything from the number of clicks and downloads, to the specific banners that work best for you.

More questions?

If you have any question about our Affiliates Program please contact us.