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Forms are usually one of the major interaction points between an app and the user. A good form design can help improve user experience, increase conversion rate, and achieve better marketing results.

Forms can be the bottleneck of the conversion funnel, as they require the user to perform a task much more complicated than just a click, by thinking and typing all the required information by the form. This can be a bit frustrating in mobile devices and narrow screens.

If we are building Ionic Angular applications, we can make use of the powerful @angular/forms library. Angular offers two form-building technologies: reactive forms and template-driven forms.

If you want examples of Forms in Ionic projects, I suggest you check out this Ionic Template which includes many examples of real use cases of Forms and Validations.

Also, the following posts are a good starting point to learn everything about Forms in Ionic Angular applications. Learn how to create a Form, how to add input controls, how to add validations and finally how to submit a Form from your Ionic app.

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