What if you could create Ionic apps faster, without having to code them from scratch? Ionic Themes helps you kickstart your app development fast by handling all the boilerplate and design.

App templates or starters provide you with hundreds of pre-made components, functionalities and UIs that you can adjust to different use cases and fit your app needs.

Some of the benefits of using a starter template are:

  • Learn to code by example. You can learn by seeing how a real app works and how all the components connect.
  • Spend less time coding and designing.
  • Build an MVP for your idea in weeks, not months.
  • Choose from a wide set of components, styles and functionalities, and create your app with a solid base.
  • Many use cases and features already coded for you.

When doing any technical skill like coding, templates allow you to focus on more complex problems. Using a template doesn't mean you are a better or worse programmer, it means you can invest your time in the areas you have unique value. There are many repetitive tasks that can be streamlined by using starter app templates.

At IonicThemes we have both paid and free Ionic templates. The paid templates are complete apps with lots of functionalities, use cases, professional design and support from the creators. We dedicated more than 2000 hours of coding, designing and testing in order to build each of these apps for you. As developers ourselves we recognize the value of leveraging your time. Try our templates, money back guarantee for 60 days!

The free templates are isolated features such as: Firebase Integration, Social Authentication, Forms and Validations, Ionic CRUD, Ionic Wordpress Integration, Ionic Angular Navigation, among others.

We have more than 20 free Ionic starters that you can choose from. You are free to use the code of these starters to build your own Ionic apps.

Each of these freebies includes a complete tutorial that explains how to build each feature. The idea here is that you can learn and understand all the code behind the starter.

We don’t want you just to copy and paste the code, we want you to learn because by learning you will be able to improve your development skills and to become a better developer.

Let’s see some details about our popular freebies and how you can benefit from each of them.

The following list includes our popular FREE Ionic starters and tutorials that you can use to build your own apps and improve your development and design skills!

Each of these freebies includes a companion tutorials and an online demo that you can play with. Click on each title to learn more!

Ionic CRUD with Firebase Database

Using this free starter you can learn how to build an Ionic app with a connection to a Cloud Database. The tutorial explains how to save and retrieve data from the database and how to display it in your Ionic app. Using the code from this free ionic starter you would be able to add data integration to your app!

Ionic Wordpress Starter

Do you have a Wordpress blog? Do you need a CMS (content management system) to manage the creation and modification of your content? Creating a Wordpress is super easy and this free starter explains in a few steps how to get an Ionic app up and running with all your content from your Wordpress blog. Sounds like magic, right? It is.

Ionic Angular PWA Starter

Progressive Web Apps are a synergy of the very best between Web and Native worlds. PWAs are web applications that load like regular web pages or websites but can offer the user functionalities traditionally available only to native mobile applications such as push notifications, working offline, and device hardware access. This freebie is an Ionic Angular app with all the configurations and setups required to perform as a PWA.

Questions & Answers

This is one of my favourite ionic free templates because you can learn all about building a medium sized app with Ionic and Angular. It’s a Questions and Answers app, like stackoverflow with routing and navigation, route params, route guards, modals, forms, data integration with a remote API, project structure, angular services, data models, Ionic UI Components styling and customization and so on.

It’s built with Ionic and Angular and consumes the content from a Nest.js remote API with a Mongo Database. Also, the companion tutorial is super good. It’s the one with the best comments from our users.

Customizing Ionic UI Components

Oh, I love this starter template because it’s all about customizing the Ionic UI Components. The companion tutorial explains different strategies to style and customize any Ionic UI Component and the starter shows you how to implement that using web components, Ionic CSS properties and CSS Shadow Parts.

Ionic Angular Navigation, routing and data

Every app needs some type of navigation, unless your app has just one page, which I doubt. This free starter is a showcase of different navigation possibilities available with the Angular Router that you can use in your Ionic apps such as route guards, route resolvers, module loading strategies and different tips to handle the page data loading.

Ionic Forms and Validations

By far our most popular ionic free template. Forms are one of the major interaction points between an app and the user. You can use forms to perform countless data-entry tasks so providing a good user experience is something you should want to achieve.

This ionic forms free template provides some examples of how to create a form with inputs, validations and error messages. Reuse them in your Ionic apps and save valuable time!

Ionic Authentication

Most apps need to know the identity of the user who is using it. Knowing a user's identity allows an app to securely save user data in the cloud and provide a personalized experience across all user's devices. There are many ways of implementing authentication in ionic apps.

Use this free starter and get Facebook, Twitter, Google, and email/password authentication out of the box! This will save you lots of hours of development.

Contacts App

Do you know the contacts app from your phone where you can create, update and delete contacts? Well, this starter does exactly that. Basically it’s a CRUD of contacts.

Use this Ionic crud starter as a base to build your Ionic app and see how easy it is to build a complete app with Ionic framework.

Ionic Shell Components

Think of Shell Elements as cool content placeholders that are shown where the content will eventually be once it becomes available. I bet you probably heard of them before or seen them in many of the apps you use daily. This free template shows how to use the App Shell pattern in your Ionic Angular apps to enable a better user experience and perceived performance.

Well, these are just a few of the ionic free starter apps you can find in IonicThemes. We are constantly creating new ones and also new tutorials and articles to help developers around the world understand this amazing framework and be able to build better apps faster.

We have been in the market of helping developers since 2015 and we are constantly trying to improve what we offer. If you have any suggestions we would love to hear from you.

These are some recent reviews of Ionic 6 Full Starter App from our amazing clients.

ionic template review
ionic template review
ionic template review
ionic template review
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ionic template review

Ionic 6 Full Starter App is a collection of common features and use cases, UI screens and ionic components that you can use as a whole like a starter template or cherry-pick the specific features and components you want to add to your existing Ionic project.

Either way, it will enable you to jump right into feature development and save valuable time.

ionic starter app

Creating Ionic and Angular resources is something we really enjoy. We also have a dedicated page for Angular templates and tutorials.

Many developers, both experts and beginners, buy templates from IonicThemes because they want to save valuable time instead.

There are many repetitive tasks that can be streamlined by using templates. When you buy a template you get all the source code and documentation needed to start building your Ionic App.

Think of it like a tool or Swiss knife that will help you succeed in your project, whether you have a tight schedule or budget.

On average we have dedicated over 2000 hours of coding, designing, researching, and fixing bugs while crafting every major feature your project may require. Time and experience packed in a ready to go solution.

So, either you want to improve your Ionic skills or to build your app faster, what are you waiting to get your freebie or premium template?