Ionic 6 Full Starter App - PRO version

Ionic 6 Full Starter App - PRO version

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What Customers Like
  • 1Code quality7 votes
  • 2Customizability / Flexibility6 votes
  • 3App features6 votes
What Needs Improvement
  • 1Learning / Inspiration2 votes

Reviews (37)

robertVerified Purchase
a year agoCzech Republic
for App features

This template helped me:
- as an inspiration for my application design
- as a collection of styling templates

isaacVerified Purchase
a year agoSpain
for App features

It's great, a lot of useful features, easy to use and very well documented.

w sVerified Purchase
a year agoHong Kong
for Customizability / Flexibility

It is a great boilerplate / starting point to start developing an App. The thing that stood out for me (and the reason I chose it), is that the codebase worked right away (with minimal instructions). Usually there is "something" that's not working. It is up-to-date, using the latest Ionic and Angular and is well documented. Much better than others. It took me 2 hours I think to get everything setup with Firebase, google maps, authentication, etc.

saeidVerified Purchase
a year agoTimor-Leste
for Learning / Inspiration

Studying how the source code is written. I found it very useful and provided me examples of how to write more professional codes.

erikVerified Purchase
a year agoFrance
(*)(*)(*)(*)( )
for Code quality

Well organized into smaller packages, but sometimes overly complex code

Author response

Thanks for your feedback. We are working hard on making the template simple, yet powerful, so this feedback is super helpful.