Ionic 5 Full Starter App - PRO version

Ionic 5 Full Starter App - PRO version

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Reviews (29)

giorgioVerified Purchase
22 days agoItaly
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for Learning / Inspiration

After a year of using this starter app (I've used it in 3 different projects) I can say it's very good quality code, so it deserves my 3 stars, but it's not aimed at begineers at all, so it does not deserve 5. I suspect I've spent more time in understanding how to customize it than I would've spent if I had to build my apps from scratch (as a beginner). Anyway, support is there to help they do help. Just the final result is not enough to actually save time in development. You end up with about the same time for development, but you arguably have a better code base in your app then what a beginner would otherwise write. Bottom line: it is worth the money for sure, but it did not stand by all the promises in my case.

Author response

Thanks for your review. We have heard this feedback from other users in the past, which is why a few months ago, we decided to include simpler and smaller versions of the template especially useful for beginners. Aiming to offer a template with advanced features and use cases, we accidentally omitted the complexity that some beginner users may face when trying to understand some of those features. We are constantly trying to improve the template, so thank you again for your feedback. If there are any enhancements or features that you would like us to add for future releases, we would love to hear your thoughts.

gildasVerified Purchase
a month agoSwitzerland
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for Other

It is a good idea to provide an example application like this. What is missing is the integration of unit tests. There is none (at least have an example in a component)

Author response

Thanks for your feedback. We have internal unit tests that we use when developing the template, but for simplicity we decided to exclude them from the final product. We can definitly add examples on how to test the different components or use cases in the documentation.

peterVerified Purchase
a month agoUnited States of America
for Code quality

Great code quality and documentation. Good support also.

guillermoVerified Purchase
a month agoSpain
for Documentation

Great product. Perfect to start a Ionic App!

cesarVerified Purchase
a month agoFrance
for Code quality

Very useful template and very clear code! perfect for me!