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IONIC Profile

The Profile is one of the key pieces of a social app. It becomes the virtual face of the user in your system. Profiles are a place for users to express themselves and to create an image of how they want to be seen in the context of your app.

When designing a Profile page there are some UI Components that are usually used such as: Headers, Images, Forms, Filters and Lists. Ionic Framework offers all these UI Components.

Also, Profile pages need some functionality to enable the user to upload a picture from their devices. Additionally, some kind of database is needed in order to save and retrieve the user data.

In the following Ionic templates you will find many Profile pages with different designs and features. You can get these starters and reuse these pages to save weeks of development and design.

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Use this Ionic Template to start learning and coding with Ionic Framework. With more than 34 carefully designed views and components, this multipurpose Ionic 3 template offers tons of different Ionic Components to build your next mobile app

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