Ionic 6 Full Starter App - PRO version

Ionic 6 Full Starter App - PRO version

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What Customers Like
  • 1Code quality7 votes
  • 2Customizability / Flexibility6 votes
  • 3App features6 votes
What Needs Improvement
  • 1Learning / Inspiration2 votes

Reviews (37)

jiaheVerified Purchase
10 months agoCanada
for Learning / Inspiration

The template helped me understand how to handle data in Angular: DataStore, DataResolvers, Shell, and SSR.

michaelVerified Purchase
a year agoRussian Federation
for Design

Really good stuff.

tomasVerified Purchase
a year agoCzech Republic
(*)(*)(*)(*)( )
for Code quality

Well organized, clean code, nice tool to start with.

muratVerified Purchase
a year agoCanada
for Customizability / Flexibility

Real life examples.

antonVerified Purchase
a year agoSouth Africa
for App features

It saved me weeks of dev time with all the functionality being there.