Ionic 6 Full Starter App - ELITE version

Ionic 6 Full Starter App - ELITE version

Licenses FAQ

Licenses refer to the use of the product.

Not the features, screens and components included in the different versions of each product.

personal license
team license
enterprise license
Create single app
Create multiple apps
up to 5
Share template with my team
up to 5unlimited
Use template in a client's project
Use template in a SaaS application
Create template for sale
Redistribute or Resale template

All licenses include


We provide easy to follow instructions that will make the customization process of this Ionic starter app simple to comprehend.

The documentation is regularly updated and improved, so if you think something is missing please let us know and we will do our best to explain it better.

Full Code

Once you buy the template, you will get a zip file with all the source code including Javascript, css, and html files.

What you will get is all the source code of the Ionic project ready to be used. This way we make sure you can customize as much as you need.

Tech Support

We offer support for errors and bugs pertaining to the templates.

We are also happy to walk customers through the template structure and answer any support queries in that regard.

What does support include?
Free Updates

We provide free updates for bug fixes and when there are breaking changes or new versions on Ionic Framework with minor changes.

When we release a new version with major new features, you need to pay for it, however, our customers will get nice discounts on new versions.

Check the Frequently Asked Questions related to product licenses.

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