Feel the real power of Angular with Ion2FullApp ELITE and Angular 5 Admin Template

What is this Angular bundle about?

On top of a great discount on our most complete Ionic template, you get the chance to try our newest and super performant Angular web admin template. We have just released Angular Templates and want to show you our brand new Angular Template so you can speed up your front-end web development.

Buying this bundle you will get: one license of Ion2FullApp ELITE and one license of Angular DUO Template FOR JUST $69.

Yet another Angular Admin Template?

Long story short, Yes and NO! We don't strive for yet-another-template. We really want to help, ease and make your job more enjoyable by simplifying the development process and learning path.

As developers, we know how exhausting can result to catch up with technology while doing your current 'life tasks'. Tecnology evolves very fast and this brings new possibilities and improvements that we, as developers, should consider. This is what motivates us to build our templates and to share them with the Worldwide Dev Community.

We hand-pick the best tools available, dive in, invest a lot of time from ALL the team to become experts and then share all our knowledge with you.

Our products are not only a pretty face. They are built to guide you in the development process, exposing difficult knowledge through practical examples.

They are architected to enforce you to stick to the correct-way of building and growing a project.

Why Angular?

Angular 7 ships a super solid and stable framework you would love to work with. That stability and maturity enabled us to craft this awesome template that combines at the same time Universal (Server side rendering), ahead of time compilation, lazy loading and a solid webpack bundling config.

Ion2FullApp ELITE

This Ionic app is our most complete and updated starter app for Ionic 3. Learn more about Ion2FullApp. If you are one of those who always goes for the best, you should consider getting the ELITE version. It includes the following features:

Auth Integrations

  • Twitter Login Native Integration
  • Facebook Authentication Native Integration
  • Google Login Native Integration

Forms & Validations

  • Form Validations with custom validators
  • International phone validator using Google lib phone number
  • Masked inputs for email and phone


  • Video Playlist using the JS HTML5 Angular video player

Image Handling

  • Image Cropper
  • Select Images from the user's phone Gallery


  • Google Maps
  • Google Places
  • Geolocation

Extra Features

  • Multi Language with RTL support
  • Monetize your app with Admob
  • Enable your users to Rate your App
  • Social Sharing
  • Send Email
  • Image Slider
  • Call Number
  • In App Browser
  • Native Storage
  • Lots of beautifully designed screens
  • Detailed documentation
  • FREE updates forever

Angular 7 Admin Template

Created with performance and ease of development in mind, this Angular 7 web template is something you should use if you are an Angular Developer. Learn more about Angular 5 DUO Template. This Angular template includes all the components that you might need inside a project and a detailed documentation on how to get started.

Angular 7 Admin Template includes the following features:

Left Side Menu

  • 2 states: condensed and expanded
  • 3 modes: push, over, side


  • Lots of beautiful components


  • Controls & Validations
  • Extended Controls
  • Sample Layouts
  • Wizard


  • Modals: login and register modals
  • Alerts: 7 example of useful alerts
  • Notifications: with different styles and positions
  • Image Uploader: 3 different types of files/images uploaders
  • Auto Completer: 2 options, with fuzzy search
  • Navigation (for next release)


  • Grids: lots of different layout options
  • Lists: 5 different layouts of beaufitul lists
  • Cards: 4 different layouts of beaufitul cards
  • Tabs: 4 different layouts to display your content in tabs


  • Regular: simple and plain tables
  • Extended: colorful tables
  • Smart: live search, filters, order, pagination, CRUD

Top Bar

  • Notifications: right side menu with tabs
  • Messages
  • Search Bar


  • NVD3 charts
  • NG2 charts

Frameworks we love

Ionic framework
Ionic Documentation
Quality Documentation:

Easy to follow instructions will make the customization process for this amazing ionic framework starter app simple to comprehend.

ionic template improvement
Ongoing improvement

Feedback is always welcome and appreciated, drop us a line and help us grow and create the ionic template that you need and desire.

ionic tutorials
Free & Updated Ionic Tutorials:

Add extra functionalities to your ionic app with our detailed ionic tutorials: Ionic Facebook Authentication, Firebase Integration, Tips for Beginners, among others.

ionic template requirements
Technical requirements:

In order to modify this ionic template you need to have knowledge in web technologies such as javascript, html5 and css3.


Does it really save me time?

You know how TV chefs already have the ingredients pre-chopped for them, and all they have to do is the actual cooking?

We prepped the ingredients for you… the beautiful screens, different types of navigations, functional integrations and all of the usual components that you may need in every ionic framework app. In no time you will be able to customize the styles of the ionic template to match your brand and start building your Ionic app.

$69 seems expensive

If you’re a developer billing $100/hr, paying $69 for having all the boilerplate and functionalities of your ionic app seems like a no brainer. We’re just trying to save you time.

I’m not that great with Ionic Framework

That’s okay! Our Ionic templates are super easy to customize and include an extensive and detailed documentation. It’s simple enough for beginners, and flexible enough for experts. It doesn’t matter if you’re a solo freelancer or an enterprise developer team.

More than just a pretty face

Our Ionic Framework Starters are built to guide you in the development process, exposing difficult knowledge through practical examples. Created with performance and ease of development in mind, this Ionic starter app is something you will love. It includes all the components that you might need inside an ionic framework project and a detailed documentation on how to get started.

Our aim is to help people of different skill levels - designers or developers - get the most out of Ionic Framework by saving your expensive time and providing great resources for you to learn ionic framework faster and better. In IonicThemes you will find premium Ionic Startes and Ionic Framework tutorials, tips and tricks.